Visitor Centre and Toilet Facilities Upgrade

Form Architecture
Krige Consulting Ltd
The outdated toilets were long overdue for an upgrade, Storm were commissioned to install a modern toilet block that would be suitable for heavy use. We completely stripped out the current male and female toilets and removed all plumbing and electrics back to incoming supplied, we then installed new lighting, plumbing, water heating and heat recovery ventilation throughout. Enclosed cisterns with cubicles were installed to the male and female toilets, which included 6 female cubicles with basins & 2 male cubicles, 3 urinal and basins. We also incorporated an additional accessible toilet and an adjacent baby change room. The rooms were full cladded internally with PVC wall cladding and an vinyl floor with cove / cap to ensure cleaning can be undertaken efficiently. The outside of the building was also upgraded with new cladding and refurbishment of the roof.


Rangers Office

Chelmsford Corners Court

Harlow Library

Visitor Centre and Toilet Facilities Upgrade

Clacton Family Centre