Commercial & Agricultural Installations

Think’s about reducing Energy Costs!

Storm Field Project Essex

Storm provides Solar PV Systems and installation to forward  thinking businesses who seek to lower their expenditure on bills towards utility rates, and wish to see a return on investment on their new environmentally friendly energy system.


  • Reduce overheads and protect your business against future price rises
  • Benefit from inflation-linked returns of up to 11%, guaranteed by the government for the next 20 years
  • Lower carbon emissions and demonstrate your green credentials to customers, suppliers and industry
  • Use roofspace on storage or production facilities to generate a second income stream
  • Gain an extra competitive advantage in a tough economic climate


With electricity prices increasing year on year and expected by many to double over the next decade, being able to protect your business against rising bills will help maintain your competitive edge over others exposed to rising costs. If your business operates throughout the weekend, as well as the week, the savings that can be made increase by up to 40% making it an easy decision for many businesses.


The Solar fuel, that will potentially power your business, is free. The power generated from Solar Energy is 100% renewable and is virtually limitless. Installing a commercial solar system enables your business to effectively contribute towards increasing your Corporate Social Responsibility and lowering your overall carbon foot print.


Through our experience we will ensure the correct solar photovoltaic system is specified for your requirements.  As we are a small dynamic business we can offer complete systems individual tailored to your business at very competitive prices.  No glitz or glamour just facts and figures.



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