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 The Best Investment Under the Sun



Go green and start saving money.........

Save the polar bears and go green the easy way.  A Storm solar Energy installation generates electricity using the sunlight concentrated throught solar panels.  What could be better than an unlimited, free and sustainable resource to power your home, you will also reduce your carbon emissions by 1.8 tonne a year too .


Its not just about saving money, its investing wisely.........

Using Storm you can receive a tax free return of up to 16% for 20 years.  This return increases everyyear in-line with Retail Price index, So solar is an investment that keeps giving.  Also, the electricity generated, which will power your house and home appliances will save £288 off your electricity bill every year.


The cherry on the cake ? Get paid for the electricity you produce.........

Make money from the electricity you create.  Through the Feed in Tariff, get paid for every unit of electricity you generate regardless of whether you use it or not.  Meaning, that currently for every kilowatt you generate, you will receive 14.38p, that's a £552.77 Tax Free incentive every year.

 Figures based on a well positioned 4kWp system


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