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Solar FIT rates from OFGEM

Solar FIT rates from OFGEM

This week OFGEM along with the DECC published the new FIT rates for all eligible Solar PV installations installed before 1st July 2013.  Click here to see the latest publish OFGEM rates

Most rates remain the same, so in theory we have until July at the current rate.  We feel this is good for everyone we can plan without mad rushes and potential customers will have the time to make a informed decision.  We urge anyone thinking of installing Solar PV to have at least 3 quotes from REAL and MCS approved companies.  Do not get fooled into thinking every company is MSC and REAL !!

We are a reputable company which use in-house qualified staff.  We are at our heart a building construction and Electrical contractors with over 12 years of trading.  We have a passion for sustainability and we have now integrated this into our existing services we offer.

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